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Corporate Branding & Messaging

{Corporate Branding & Messaging}

Your branding tells your story. And if it doesn't, let us help.

Does your branding tell your customers who you are?  

What is corporate branding?

It's more than just a logo, or a mark.  It's more than just a color scheme.  Those are just outcomes of the process.  The process is, in essence, what branding is.  It's defining or refining focus.  Who are you?  What makes you different?  What value do you offer?

The answers to those questions, when represented in visual imagery, articulated in what you say, and most importantly expressed in how you do business, completes a branding and messaging initiative.



What is the process?

To be thorough, we recommend the following process:


Our team of project managers and branding specialists will conduct stakeholder interviews, perform various levels of research and deliver a findings document.


With discovery complete, our team will identify the key values of your business and their differentiating factors.  We'll devise a series of key messages and begin the creative process.


This stage will begin to deliver actual assets: colors, marks, logos, etc.  Much like other design projects, this interactive and iterative process will rely on frequent client communication to yield the best results.


Upon final approvals, our team will deliver a set of coherent, comprehensive brand guidelines for use on future projects, collateral, site designs, etc.  These brand guidelines will be provided in a variety of formats for sharing with partners and for internal usage.