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Website Design RFP & Web Development RFP Creation

{Website Design RFP & Web Development RFP Creation}

A thorough, well-written RFP is essential to getting your website project off on the right foot. We've read hundreds of RFP's - let us write yours!

What Is A Website Design RFP?

In a nutshell, a website design RFP is a document issued by a company or organization to vet protential vendors for their project. While the practice is becoming less popular in the process of securing a digital agency, many organizations are still required to conduct this process when selecting their web development partner.

How Do You Create A Website Design RFP?

At Wizard Design, we conduct our standard discovery process, using the results of that process to formulate the specification of the website RFP itself. Then, we'll walk you through the options each website RFP contains for you to pick and choose what elements you wish to include.

What Are The Elements Of A Great Website Design RFP?

Good question. The RFP must enable you to gather the necessary information to make a decision, while not prohibiting creativity on the side fo the vendor. At a minimum, you must include:

  • Project Intro: Explain to the agency the reasons for your website design RFP - the project background, challenges and problems you will be solving.
  • Company Overview: Who are you? What does your organization specialize in?
  • Your Customers: Who buys your products? How do you reach them? What are the demographics, etc. that we should include in the RFP?
  • Project Goals: When the website design project is done, what are you hoping to have accomplished?
  • Situation Analysis: Where are you today?
  • Specification: What is the specification for the new website? This is where we would include the findings of our website discovery process.
  • Budget Details: Do you have budget details you wish to include? If so, outline here the particulars.
  • Proposal Requirements: If you have specific requirements for your project, let the vendors know here.
  • Website RFP & Design Project Schedule: This section can outline important dates for the RFP such as deadlines for interest, questions and submissions. Also, you can include a desired project schedule.

What Is the Process For Writing A Website Design RFP?

Typcially, you should plan to spend 2-3 hours meeting with us to determine the answers to the above questions, plus develop your spec. From there, we will begin writing the specification and the final RFP format. The deliverable at the end of this process is a full-form RFP document which you can review and suggest revisions. From there, we'll conclude the project by delivering the final website RFP to you.