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{Planning & Architecture}

Web project planning means analyzing how a project works, how the business works, and creating a technical specification.

Without a map, you'll never get where you are going.

Cliché?  Yup!  But it's true.  Planning will make or break any web project.  Whether you are going to develop your project in an agile or waterfall manner, you still need a roadmap.  Our team of experienced web strategists can assist in every aspect of planning your web project.

Here are some scenarios our team of consultants have worked with before:

  • Full project strategic architecture and discovery;
  • Technical business plan development for start-ups;
  • Use case & scenario planning;
  • And more...

So what do we work on, specifically...?  

Website Specifications

Via Project Discovery, our team can help you architect and create a through website specification document.  This document will guide you throughout the development of your project.  For more information, please review our Project Discovery page.

Technical Planning & Business Plan Development

After successful project discovery, we can analyze your web specification and recommend the proper technology platforms for development.  To properly perform this spec, we'll take your newly developed development plan, and combine it with our development experience and sound business judgments to make the proper recommendations.

In addition, our team can assist in development of long-term technical business plans to aid in the pursuit of venture capital or other early-stage financing.

Infrastructure & Long Term Scalability Plans

Our team is skilled and experienced with building out scalable platforms for applications and websites.  This includes planning, development of growth projections and creation of a easily scalable infrastructure.