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Project Recovery

{Project Recovery}

Measure twice, cut once. Project planning and strategy done right.

"Help! My project is a disaster!"

We've heard it before and we'll hear it again. For some reason, your project either isn't turning out as you had hoped, or has turned into a complete mess. Unfortunately, the Internet design and development business is burdened with many gray areas; gray areas can eventually lead to disagreements, and disagreements can lead to broken contracts.

How We Can Help

If you think your project is headed in the wrong direction, it's essential to start planning your next steps. You should not hesitate to contact a new development team to prepare for the worst. While our first inclination is to give advice on how to salvage your project, there are times when advice isn't enough to fix it. In that case, it's important you plan for a transition and gather as many of the project assets as possible.

What We'll Need

First, we'll ask to see your contract to get a demo or see what has been delivered so far, and to get all access from the previous developer. Every scenario is different, and some are more challenging than others, but it must happen.

What We'll Do

Our initial course of action is to triage the situation, stop the bleeding, then assess how to move forward. In some cases, there is enough that can be salvagable to proceed; in others, we'll have to start over. Every case is different and, as such, the plan to proceed will vary as well. Either way, you can count on a thorough evaluation and honest feedback about the best way to make your vision a reality.