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Growth Driven Design: A monumental new way to approach web design for informational websites.

What is Growth Driven Design?

Simply put, it's a new way for a client and agency to work on an ongoing basis to continuously improve the client's website. It allows for flexibility in terms of scope and mission, gives the client website continuously changing content and features, and provides budget clarity for the client.

The Typical Way: Waterfall Web Design

Most web designers and web developers will work with a "waterfall" methodology. This is where a project specification is developed, a roadmap is written out, and the project is completed with milestones. The ultimate delivery is a brand new website, pushed live and ready for the world to consume.

This method works well enough for corporations. They have support staff to monitor and make changes. Likewise, they can afford an agency to come in and amend the site as needed.

For small to medium sized businesses, the ever-changing landscape online is hyper competitive. It requires constant improvement to their website, on a near daily basis. Growth driven design allows for this to happen.

Growth Driven Design fixes common website design challenges

Have you designed a website before? Did any of this happen to you:

  • How long did it take to go live?
  • Were you on time, and on budget?
  • How many unknowns unveiled their ugly heads during the process?
  • After the site was done, did anyone help you improve it?

Your website is not a building, that you can erect and let stand the test of time. And old website isn't an architectural wonder. It's a destructive force working against your business. 

How does growth driven design work?

It's simple. First, we focus on discovery. What is your business model? What are your objectives for this new site? What are the metrics that will determine success or failure? What features do you need versus what features do you want?

Working with you, we'll determine a strategic direction, work to identify target customers, and setup a plan for creating your first, initial website.

After this initial phase, we will work to focus on continuous improvement. How does the initial site accomplish your goals? What are some new objectives? What changes can we make to drive more impact out of your website?

This cycle will continue throughout the engagement with our agency. The continuous process of discovery, development and learning will allow your website and business to scale to new levels of success.

How do I get started?

It's easy - it all starts with a conversation!