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Custom Landing Page Design

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Custom Landing Pages: essential tools to convert visitors to leads.

Custom landing pages, when properly designed and implemented, convert anonymous visitors into actionable prospects.

What is a landing page?

A custom designed landing page has one goal: capturing information about an anonymous visitor.  It doesn't perform any other goal - it simply attempts to create in the user an interest in completing an action - in most cases filling out a form.

What do the best custom landing pages have?

The best landing pages have a concrete call to action, accompanying information to support the claim, and a form to complete to capture the lead.  They also have well-thought-out thank you pages with additional offers and opportunities to advance users throughout the buyers journey.

Is every page with a form a landing page?

Not necessarily.  Landing pages remove distractions.  The page you are on now, for example, has a form in the footer.  That doesn't make it a landing page - from here you have many navigation optionsand pathways to new content areas.  Traditional, effective custom landing pages will remove distractions such as navigation to focus the user on conversion.

Are landing pages a stand-alone solution?

No!  They are PART of a marketing campaign, whether it's inbound marketing, banner advertisements, CPC (cost per click) advertising, or some other methodology.  A landing page by itself is not effective without users being drawn to it.