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Project Discovery

{Project Discovery}

Proper planning will result in a successful project. Our experienced team of expert web strategists can help you create the specification for your project.

What Is Project Discovery?

In order to properly plan a successful web project, you need a thorough understanding of its moving parts: how the system works, who will be using it, what they will be doing, and when things will be happening. This process of examination is known as project architecture.

With our specification and discovery services, we can help you draw up the blueprints for your project—and help you gain a whole new understanding of your needs in the process.

Working closely with you and your team, we’ll develop a project specification document that will tell you exactly what needs to be built to make your project a success. This "spec" will identify the steps required to satisfy your business needs and provide a detailed analysis of how each piece will work as part of the big picture.

There are a number of ingredients that make up this project architecture process, but none are as important as the first—a conversation.

The Process

First, we’ll conduct a “discovery” session between you, any key business stakeholders, and our project managers. This is an intensive interview process, where the objective is to discuss and examine every aspect of your project, down to the smallest detail. (Plan for a minimum of 2 hours to conduct the meeting.)

If your needs include branding and design strategy, you may request to have our expert design team join the session to discuss the visual aspect of your project. (This is subject to additional costs as detailed below.)

Once the discovery session is complete, our project managers will detail the information gathered in a project specification document for your review. This document is typically 5-10 pages long and covers everything from business and system rules to use cases to data models.

Finally, the document is presented to you and a follow-up session is scheduled for a thorough walkthrough of our findings. Once your questions and concerns are addressed, revisions will be made in order to arrive at an approved final document.